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Red Rim & Bleeding Apple 

Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi




Here at East Coast Corals (E.C.C)

We pride ourselves on quality and health, we know when you place an order these are the most important things you think of, many people have been disappointed with their shipments from other suppliers, we promise you will not be with E.C.C!

We have some fantastic corals and inverts in stock from Acropora's, Euphyllia's, Montipora's, Echniphyllia's, Acanthastrea, Gonipora, Trachyphyllia and many more.

We are strictly trade only and are not able to supply to the public direct!

We will also cater for everybody's needs, frags to small colonies right up to large mother colonies, we purchase from quality suppliers who look after their reefs, we also operate under CITES for our corals, a copy can also be requested when purchasing the corals from us!

Check out the images of our present and past corals to see a sample of the quality corals we supply.

If you don't see what you want or need a special order call us Now...



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